Social distancing

When we talk about social distancing from each other, there are only two options; either we go crazy mad because we became identified with this or that person, and we can’t stand to be alone, or we surrender and just take a deep breath for a moment and let the nonsense pass.

That restless mind

Turning inwards and surrendering yourself from all the bullshit can help you immensely, but once you start digging into dung, you will begin to stink for a while. It is all-natural compost produced by non-other than yourself.

Sometimes I laugh as I see how I complicate things. Everything is so simple, yet so complicated in my mind. It is just that this monkey will never stop climbing a tree, scratching itself while chasing a snake with a piece of fruit in its hand.

Jokes aside, there are still ways to calm this monkey down. Either you give it something to chew, or you learn how to meditate.

With meditation, you will start to go deeper into this dung of yours. It may stink, but it is yours…

However, when you reach the bottom of the pit, which has been fed with all possible stress from your daily life, then you can start appreciating life just the way it is. You will begin to experience life, because it is the only way, if you want to be happy and in this moment, right now…

Acknowledge that you are mortal and don’t take life for granted. You are blessed for having this body.

There is power in us

Social distancing can empower us or break us.

Together we can be more reliable if we could just support each other and appreciate another human being the way he or she is.

It is an attraction… seeking vibrations that are similar to ours.

Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people can help you transcend. Every human being radiates some sort of energy. Some have more energetic vibrations than others; heck. I have met people who work as bioenergetics, and they made me feel like I was levitating. When I had troubles with my health, and everything failed, bioenergetics always helped me out.

Trouble in paradise

But sometimes there can also be violence, as there can be a lot of blockages, and a sudden release of enerSocial distancinggy, in a particular area of the body, can cause irritations. My therapist was working on my digestion, but the very next day, I was in the hospital, waiting to have surgery on the immensely enlarged appendix. Everything turned out well, and in the end, I was grateful for this, but if you want this body, you need to treat it right.

That goes for everything. Everything that matters to you should be treated in consciousness if nothing matters to you, kudos. Either you are ignorant or you are blissed out.

Ignorance or involvement?

If you are ignorant, be loyal to yourself and be ignorant of every single thing. This way, you will find the truth. Don’t go jumping from ignorance to involvement. However, I instead choose engagement over ignorance, as that way, you can go easier with others, rather than ignoring everything and everyone around you. The issue starts when you go from ignorance to involvement.

Be conscious of your total ignorance/involvement. Then you will come closer to the truth.

As individuals, everyone has the potential to transcend… and everyone has access to higher possibilities. The only thing that is missing is consciousness.

Isolation is not always so bad

We all need space from one another a.k.a. social distancing, as we are complete just the way we are. A lot of people blame others for their well-being. But the only one who is responsible for your well-being is you. Do you think you are in bad company? Try to be alone, and let me know if you are in good company then.

A lot of times, the problem arises when we are with ourselves, and our minds go wild… chewing and spitting thoughts like there is no tomorrow. Give them no meaning or give them meaning; it is up to you. What matters is, if you let your mind drive you crazy or if you just let it go and see the things as they are.


Be happy, don’t worry

Becoming joyful, like kids with no worries, is a blessing. But as we got older, we have lost this joyfulness because we are caught up in our minds, not seeing things as they are, right now.

Take a deep breath, exercise, go for a long walk, meditate, love, eat, and poop joyfully.

joyful kid


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